Graduate Students

Md. Fazlay Rabbi

Rabbi is a PhD candidate at the Dynamic material characterization lab in University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He received his B.Sc. from the KUET, Bangladesh. His research interests are in the area of composites material, biomaterial, additive manufacturing, and mathematical modeling under different loading conditions.  He joined in the lab as a master’s student where he observed the high strain rate response of novel auxetic Kevlar composites and developed a mathematical model of energy absorbing material under impact loading. His PhD research is highly focused on the mechanics of additively manufactured material under quasi static and dynamic loading. Outside of research, he loves photography and travel.


Austin Taylor

In 2014, Austin graduated from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, with the Engineering Technology technical program. At the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in 2018 Austin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering as a Commonwealth Scholar with Magna Cum Laude honors, he is currently enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Master of Science program. Austin enjoys football, camping, music, and spending time with his family and dogs.



Christopher Meninno

My name is Christopher Meninno and I am a mechanical engineering graduate student at UMass Dartmouth. I received my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in May of 2020. I have performed research on multi-functional composite materials for over two years, with two publications in Composite Structures and the Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites. My passion for engineering came from my interest in cars. I’ve always loved muscle cars and I like attending car shows with my Dad. This and my interest in science and math led me to pursue mechanical engineering. I also have an interest in computers and gaming. I built my computer with my friends and I enjoy working on and building computers. I also like the outdoors – I love to hike, fish, and camp and I go to New Hampshire every year to do so. I’ve hiked three mountains: Mount Height, Mount Carter Dome and Mount Madison.


Nilufar Yesmin

I am a student from Department of Physics at UMass Dartmouth. I did my BS in Physics from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). My research interests include Thin Films, Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization, Graphene Based Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials for Biological Applications, Multiferroics, Nanomaterials Characterization using Advanced Techniques, and Electrical and Energy Application of Nanomaterials| Composite Materials. Hobbies: Reading Books, Watching Movies, Traveling, Listening to Music.



Undergraduate students

Mohammed Shonar

I am an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering and researching Material Mechanics. I was trained in manufacturing and experimenting with both innovative composites and 3D printed structures. My hobbies include flying RC plane/drone and I am a sports enthusiast.





Anthony Encarnacion

Anthony holds an Associate in Science-Engineering Technology and Advanced Manufacturing degree. He is currently attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as a full-time student in pursuit of a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. After serving four years in the military, Anthony spent over six years working as an electro-mechanical technician for several companies including SencorpWhite and Harvard Bioscience. Prior to starting school, he worked as a laborer in a construction company for three years. Anthony has always had a desire for engineering related activities but having noticed his inquisitive personality and an aptness for problem solving, made mechanical engineering a focal point he needed to pursue.


Matthew Pires

I am an Undergraduate in the Mechanical Engineering Program. My research currently focuses on measuring the mechanical properties and electrical response of hybrid carbon/glass composites. My hobbies include playing music, fishing, and entering video game tournaments.






(a) Doctoral Students: Jin-Ya Liu (Graduated in 2017); Sen Yang (Graduated in 2019).

(b) Masters Students (19 students): John Crowley (2008); Alyre Maclure (2009); Sandeep Abotula (2009); Nandula Wanasekera (2010); Steven Bender (2010, BS-MS); Sashank Padamati (December 2010); Venkat Vadlamani (2011); Leming Sun (2011); Shane Cardoso (2012, BS-MS); Michael Pinto (2013, BS-MS); Samuel Benoit (2015); Matthew Bach (2015); Kirill Shkolnik (2015); Sen Yang (2016); Md. Rabbi Fazlay (2017); Karoly Fodor (2017, BS-MS); Nicholas Bach (Pending thesis defense, BS-MS); Jared Correia (Pending thesis defense); Jacob O’Donnelle (2020, BS-MS).

(c) Undergraduate Research Assistants (37 students): Sondy Jean; Peter Balkus; Zainab Odufuye; Amy Lopes; Shane Cardoso; Andrew Fredrickson; Nicholas Jones; Ryan Pivonka*; Corey Mooney*; Miguel Tejada (BCC); Diarny Fernandes; Jason Vaccoro; Christian Kyambe (BCC); Clovis Alves*; Elson Depina (BCC)*; Kevin Zeppenfeld; Shouryadipta Ghosh*; Benjiman Thayer; Mike Foshey*; Karoly Fodor*; Nicholas Bach*; Essien Benjamin*; Joshua Horton; Mercy A Hope-Sowah; Sadeq Taha; Joshua Stuckey*; Jared J Correia; Kelly Merlo*; Jacob O’Donnelle*; Riley Sherman*; Christopher Meninno*; Josi Zulu; Samuel Almeida; Isaac Saron; Austin Taylor; Morgan Baker (BCC); Taylor C Lyford.

*Co-author of peer-reviewed journal article.